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Poland100 c/m15 c/m
Turkey180 c/m15 c/m
Rwanda236 c/m15 c/m
Netherlands97 c/m15 c/m
India236 c/m15 c/m
Pakistan236 c/m15 c/m
Bangladesh200 c/m15 c/m
Nepal236 c/m15 c/m
Morocco180 c/m15 c/m
Germany97 c/m15 c/m
UK97 c/m15 c/m
USA109 c/m15 c/m
France97 c/m15 c/m
Nigeria236 c/m15 c/m
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If you have any questions, please read our FAQ below to solve most questions. Is your question unanswered? Please contact us and we'll help you asap!


How can TeleBudget charge so little? The difference is really huge!

TeleBudget purchases calling capacity in large quantities. And we are pleased to pass on the discounts we get to our customers so everyone can place cheap international calls. It makes a BIG difference!


Do I have to sign up with TeleBudget to start saving on my calls?

No, all you do is enter the number for the country you want to call.


How do I pay for my calls? Do I receive a bill sent to my home address?

No, all you do is pay your normal telephone bill.


What are TeleBudget's calling rates exactly

All you pay are the rates per minute that are listed at our website. You also hear what the rate/minute will be right before your call is placed. It can't be any clearer than that!


About the rate per minute: will I get charged extra for the TeleBudget number?

No, the listed rates per minute are what you actually pay. There are absolutely no other costs involved!


I have a Proximus, Telenet, Lebara Mobile, Ortel Mobile, etc. subscription/pre-paid. Can I still call using TeleBudget?

Yes, you can use TeleBudget no matter what kind of subscription you have. Note that only LycaMobile is unsupported since they block our cheap access numbers to protect their own high calling rates...


Do I pay per minute or per second?

Our computerised system accurately calculates the rates per second. So you never pay too much!


Can I use TeleBudget to place calls inside Belgium?

Yes, even in Belgium is the different really huge. Compare our rates to your regular provider.


How can I reach TeleBudget?

If you have any questions about our service, please contact our Support Team or give us a call on 02- 3133238 (mo-fr 09:00-16:00).