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Poland100 c/m15 c/m
Turkey180 c/m15 c/m
Rwanda236 c/m15 c/m
Netherlands97 c/m15 c/m
India236 c/m15 c/m
Pakistan236 c/m15 c/m
Bangladesh200 c/m15 c/m
Nepal236 c/m15 c/m
Morocco180 c/m15 c/m
Germany97 c/m15 c/m
UK97 c/m15 c/m
USA109 c/m15 c/m
France97 c/m15 c/m
Nigeria236 c/m15 c/m
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With our Free apps making calls with TeleBudget is even easier! Just select the contact you want to call and we do the magic! It's dials automatically our cheap access number in front of the number you wish to call.


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